Established in 1988, Discovery Dental Lab was founded with a commitment for excellence. This excellence is achieved by using only the highest quality products, the most advanced techniques, and by employing experienced technicians with a personal commitment to quality workmanship. This formula has created a reputation for quality and service that we are proud to be known for.

In the current changing environment our dedication to quality remains constant and our customers can rely upon us to consistently deliver a superior product, competitively priced, with dependable service. 

Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Jerry Benz
Owner, Ceramist


Jerry began his dental career in the Navy where he was trained as a dental prothetics technician.  As he worked in the dental field while enlisted in the Navy, he attended Triton College for their advanced crown and bridge program.  In his work experiences he has mastered all phases of crown and bridge and understands the importance of providing excellence in the finished product.  He has over 40 years of experience.  Jerry has owned Discovery Dental Lab since 1988.

Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Mark Anderson,
Lab Manager, Ceramist


Mark joined Discovery Dental Lab in 2004. Prior to that he owned and operated Harmony Dental Laboratory for twenty years. Mark is proficient in all aspects of fixed crown and bridge and ceramics skills; focusing on dental ceramics for many years. He is a Certified Dental Technician and earned a bachelor in arts degree in business management from Bethel University in 2008. Currently Mark's primary tasks are scanning and designing crowns and bridges, implant abutments and screw retained crowns, maintaining our milling system, and communicating with our customers. 

Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Renee Tienter
Model Room Technican


Renee started her career in the dental lab field as a metal polisher in 1986.  She soon moved to the model room where she has perfected her skills in every aspect of model creation from start to finish including, die cutting and trimming, mounting with high-tech articulators, working with implant cases and many other facets of the position.  Renee has been a Discovery Dental Lab employee since 1997!

Xinia Brenner
Crown & Bridge Technican


Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Colleen Beatty
Office Manager, Bookkeeper


Colleen adds over 25 years experience from support roles with companies of various sizes. She has many roles at Discovery Dental Lab as she manages the shipping room, administers the front office and performs the bookkeeping. Colleen also assists with lab management by implementing the schedule and overseeing the caseload workflow.

Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
George Steinert
Ceramist (Retired)


George began his career in the dental field in 1963 after serving a 3-year-stint in the army.  He has attended and completed many courses and seminars of anatomy, morphology and esthetics - most notably the Pankey Mann Institute and Peter Dawson's course.  His entire career has been in the ceramics field.