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Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures

Our in-lab scanner and mill allows us to digitally to produce copings, full contour restorations, highly-esthetic anterior restorations, and custom implant abutments with the materials that are right for you and your patient.  We will also accept your intraoral or desktop scans.


The materials we use for our dental crowns vary to personally fit your patient’s condition. We offer milled and pressed full zirconium, porcelain fused to metal or zirconium and full metal. You may consider the various material used as it affects the esthetics, strength, and durability of the dental crowns.


  • Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

    • high noble 49% Au

    • noble 22% Au

  • Metal Free

    • Porcelain to  Zirconium Coping (CAD/CAM)

    • Imagine HT Zirconium Bruxer by Jensen (CAD/CAM)

    • All Zirconium Bruxer (CAD/CAM)

    • IPS e.Max (pressed)

  • Milled Full Gold Crowns

    • high noble 55% Au

    • noble 2% Au

  • Implants

    • Stock Abutments

    • Custom Abutments

    • Screw Retained

    • Cement Retained

  • Diagnostic Wax-up

  • In-lab Custom Shade






Call 763-422-0684 Option 103 with case-specific questions

Discovery Dental Lab provides pickup and delivery services throughout the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas five days a week, with the exception of major holidays.


Same Day Reline and Minor Repairs

Call by 9:30am, delivery by 3:00pm

$45 in addition to repair cost


Next Day Reline and Minor Repairs

Morning pickup, delivery by Noon the next day

$35 in addition to repair cost

*Major repairs may require more time.



Call us at 763-422-0684 Option 1 to schedule a pickup.

Ortho products are made in-lab and in collaboration with our ortho partners.

  • Hawley Retainers

  • Invisible Retainers

  • Night Guards

  • Habit appliances

  • Sports Guards

  • Space Maintainers

  • ​Bleachng Trays

and more ...



Call 763-422-0684 Option 102 with case-specific questions

Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures
Discovery Dental Lab, Minnesota Dental Lab, Crowns, Dentures


Conventional- Fully removable, this denture is placed into your mouth after all teeth have been removed and gum tissues have healed.

Immediate- Measurements and models of the patient’s jaw is taken during their preliminary visit. This removable denture is inserted on the same day the remaining teeth have been removed.

Overdenture- An overdenture fits over remaining natural teeth. These teeth are preserved to support your jawbone and provide a more stable support for your dentures.


Our goal is to provide your patients with a durable, natural looking set of teeth they can be proud of.



Removable partial dentures are fabricated to fill in the space created by missing teeth and restore acceptable function to the area. Best recommended when more than one of your patient’s natural, healthy teeth are still in tact. With accordance to the Dental Associates, having more teeth when having partial dentures sustains the health and support of the patient’s jawbone. We use the best material and process to minimize distortion and create great fit and esthetics. Metal framework may also be used to clasp and connect the partial dentures to the remaining teeth.


If your patient is allergic to any metals that may cause a reaction from the framework of partial dentures, we recommend using flexible partials, where no metals are used.




Relines and repairs can fix even minor movement, improving comfort, fit, and overall patient satisfaction.  See Pickup and Delivery for more information on Same Day and Next Day repairs and relines.



Call 763-422-0684 Option 102 with case-specific questions