Turnaround Times



Fixed Restorations

We typically schedule crowns on a 7-day turnaround time.  For example, if we receive the case on Monday, it is scheduled to be returned to the dental office the following week on Thursday.  This schedule is affected by volume and holidays.  Implant case scheduling depends on part availability.  Rush service is available on most products but must be prescheduled. To schedule rush service, call 763-422-0684 before the case is shipped.  If the doctor prefers to do their own die trimming, please add a minimum of 2 days for transportation and trimming.


Please note this schedule is a guideline, and actual times are subject to change due to the complexity of a case or any unusual esthetic requirements. In-lab days are Monday through Friday and do NOT include pick-up or delivery days, weekends, holidays or shipping time.